The Inspiration Behind the Emmaus Photographs

A few weeks ago, you all had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Emmaus Director & Creator Chris Yates discuss the essence of all the photographs in Emmaus: The Nature of the Way here. We are going #BehindtheLens once again with Chris as he explains what photographers he looked to for inspiration when imagining what the Emmaus photos would look like. Enjoy! 

Something we had to decide is the style of the photographs. These of course lean towards the editorial photography, mixed with a little bit of documentary style. We had two primary sources of inspiration: Joey Lawrence — or Joey L. — and Dan Winters. Both photographers are great portrait photographers and we looked to them for different types of inspiration.  

I love Joey L’s work for his color palette and richness of color and tone.  His photographs are very moody and elicit a strong reaction from the viewer. Dan Winters is an expert in lighting. His portraits are beautifully lit and he has made an art out of it. I also admire his sometimes unconventional approach to taking the normal portrait.

You can see a couple examples of their work right here. The left is Joey L. and the right is Dan Winters. 

As always, there will be more awesome behind-the-scenes content coming to you straight from the blog and our social media! Keep following along for more of the journey!