2017: A New Year & More to Come for Emmaus

It is difficult to believe that 2016 is already over, but all of us here at Emmaus: The Nature of the Way are elated for all that is to come in 2017! While this adventure initially began in 2015, over the past two years, Emmaus has developed into what it is today. We are thrilled to announce how this project-turned-photography book will culminate in just a few months. Here is a quick peek into what to expect this year! 

As many of you know, this photography book is more than just a compilation of photos and words — it also brings forth stories of love, death, fear, friendship, family and more. But there will also be another special aspect, a foreword written by a very special and influential member of the Catholic world. We look forward to announcing who it is in just a few short days! 

There are also several other awesome pieces of the puzzle that will help bring 22 Jesuits' stories to life. This will include everything from an audiobook to a website relaunch, both of which will highlight the people and the stories that have made this book what it is. 

The biggest of all announcements is that Emmaus: The Nature of the Way will be hitting the shelves on April 22, 2017! We have been fortunate to have worked with The Marymount Institute Press and Tsehai Publishers throughout this journey. The book launch is just a few short months away, and we cannot wait to share the final product with you all! In the mean time, keep updated with all of our social media for announcements and giveaways!

Be sure to tune in again very soon to find out who wrote the Emmaus foreword! 

Chris Yates