The Journey Continues: The Essence of the Photographs

We guessed that you all might be wondering how the journey of Emmaus: The Nature of the Way panned out after it began here. Consider this an early Christmas gift: you're in luck because we've got the next piece of the puzzle for you! Take a listen below and read along as Director & Creator Chris Yates discusses the next part of the journey! 

Once I got permission from Fr. Deck, pre-production started in full swing.  The most important aspect I decided from the beginning is output.  What did I want this project to be?  Obviously, a high-end coffee table photography book.  With one shoot under our belts, it was important to make a decision about what type of photographs we would be taking — as this is the true backbone, and in my opinion, gives the project the great depth it needs.  Immediately, I began to play with the divide between society and reality.  Our studio shoots, coined “formal portraits” were to portray the Jesuits just as they are: as Jesuits.  Paired with “environmental portraits,” bringing each man into their “element,” would lend an amazing juxtaposition between the two.

Everything that you see in each photograph is extremely intentional: the clothes, the color of the clothes, the glasses, the pins, the location, the depth of field, the hair, the hand placement, the foot placement, the chair...and I can go on and on.  Everything that you see in the exceptional photographs, were for the most part, however, accidents.  Controlled accidents, but still accidents nonetheless.  We eagerly chase that moment that is captured in these photographs.  Those moments you simply cannot construct, but you can plan for.

There is still more to come from here! Keep following along for some more pre-production insights from Chris! 

Behind the LensChris Yates