Emmaus: Bound to Spread Around

By now, you may be asking yourself, what exactly is the manifestation of Emmaus, a project involving 22 Jesuits? Great question!  From the beginning, Director Chris Yates intended for this project to be a twofold physical manifestation of the Journey to Emmaus found in Luke's gospel. 

The first manifestation is a coffee table photography book that will be broken down into five chapters with a prologue by Fr. Allan Deck, a forward written by... (to be announced!) and a conclusion written by Chris Yates. 22 Jesuits that live at the Loyola Marymount University Jesuit Community openly participated in the project, and each will have five photographs, with five to seven Jesuits included per chapter.  

Although over 32 Jesuits live only a few hundred feet away from thousands of students, the large majority of the student body goes through their four years at LMU without ever knowing a single Jesuit. The physical book aims to bring a much needed awareness to the mere existence of these great founts of wisdom, but also goes further in giving a unique, vulnerable and honest piece of each Jesuit.  

The second manifestation of the project is a website dedicated to connecting the Jesuits to the greater community. The website will have contact information, bios and office locations so that those moved by the book have the opportunity to reach out. Director Chris Yates explained, "If I did my job right, there will be a line of people going out each Jesuit's office, full of people who want to get to know them."  

Stay tuned to learn more about which superstar Jesuit is writing our forward, the date for our official book launch and where our gallery will open! 

Chris Yates