Snow on the Road: 25 Days of Emmaus

Snow on the Road_1.jpg

A few days into this new year (liturgical year, that is), we can reset and refresh with everyone’s favorite holiday season: Christmas. To celebrate this great time where we focus on joy, peace, and life, Emmaus: The Nature of the Way is pleased to present Snow on the Road: 25 Days of Emmaus!

This season and time are characterized by snow, family, and of course, presents.  This season, Emmaus will bring to life the joy of the Advent season through the lives of our amazing Jesuits.  As we countdown to Christmas, we will be releasing never before seen photographs, new blogs, Winter Wisdom, and discounts. 

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?  We are having many great deals and including great perks! Emmaus: The Nature of the Way is permanently 15% off from now until Christmas, and every Saturday, we will have savings starting at 15% to 20% to 25% - and FREE!

We will highlight why the creators of Emmaus are so thankful for the Jesuits, what the Jesuits are thankful for this Christmas season, and we invite you to share what you are thankful for as well. 

Stay tuned as we put our Jesuit spin on the classic 25-day countdown to Christmas.