Meet Robert Macaisa, Tech Wiz Behind the Lens

Meet Robert Macaisa, Photographer for Emmaus: The Nature of the Way!

Meet Robert Macaisa, Photographer for Emmaus: The Nature of the Way!

Director Chris Yates first proposed this project to Robert Macaisa in April of 2015. Chris structured this project much like a traditional film set and hired Robert as the DP (director of photography). When asked about Robert, Chris said, “He is a master of light and a technical wiz behind the lens. I could not have picked a better photographer to work with to make the vision in my head come alive.” Robert has dedicated most of his life to pursuing his dream as a photographer, and in turn has mastered many systems that were intimately necessary to tackle a project of this style and depth.

Robert graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2014, and makes a living as a full-time photographer. You may check out his work here. While this project was different than anything Robert had done before, he was intrigued by the idea and wanted to get involved.

The Emmaus experience has been particularly impactful for Robert for a number of reasons. While Robert was born Catholic, he is currently agnostic as he explores his spirituality. And as an LMU alum, working on a project centered entirely around Jesuits has also challenged him to explore the Jesuit element of his education, reflecting on its importance. On a personal level, one of the most rewarding aspects of this project for Robert is being able to publish a photography book — something he never thought he’d get the chance to do so early on in his career.

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